The Zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull 20th April – 21st May

Your Zodiac sign is Taurus if you were born between 20th April and 21st May. If you were born on the first or last dates of your sign, then you may feel an affinity with the characteristics of the previous sign (Aries) or the following sign (Gemini), which could well be to do with your Moon sign, or your actual Sun sign, if the affinity is with the previous sign (see Precession of the Equinoxes).

The Taurus character

Taurus is steadfast, loyal, and reserved. Being an Earth sign with the Fixed quality, they will be more cautious than other Fixed signs, and will want to keep their feet firmly on terra firma. Taurus usually has a slow and measured way of talking, and they may well have large heads with curly or wavy hair which is brown or brunette. Their necks are strong and well- formed, and they often have melodious voices. They prefer a conservative lifestyle, wanting to keep to traditional and tested ways, being wary of trying out anything new. They are also very good at conserving what they possess, be it goods, wealth, or produce. Taureans are often fond of gardening and farming, being good at husbandry and practical tasks. They are very attached to their possessions and can be materialistic, becoming set in their ways unless persuaded to venture out of their fixed pattern of life. The Fixed Earth, Negative quality of Taurus means that they are inward-looking and very resistant to change, being the most fixed of the Fixed signs. However, they usually have an equable temperament and a quiet and thoughtful disposition, being very dependable and trustworthy, but they can also be possessive. Fixed Earth is the smothering nature of Earth which surrounds us, so people born under the sign of Taurus should be careful not to be over-protective, both of their possessions and of their loved ones.

If you are Taurus, then the above is just one aspect of your astrological make-up, as there
are many other signs which will influence you, depending upon their position at the time of
your birth. The most important influence comes from your Moon sign.