The Zodiac sign of Leo the Lion 23rd July – 22nd August

You are Leo if born between 23rd July and 22nd August. If you were born on the first or last dates of this sign, then you may feel you have an affinity with the characteristics from the previous sign (Cancer) or the following sign (Virgo). This may be to do with your Moon sign, or your actual Sun sign, if the affinity is with the previous sign. (See Precession of the Equinoxes).

The Leo character

Leo is a Positive and Fixed Fire sign, so Leo’s Fire is a contained and predictable Fire, like the steadily blazing fire in the hearth, providing warmth and a focal point in the home. However, if stoked too much, it may get out of control, or blaze too fiercely. Similarly, Leos can become over-excited, or too full of themselves, making some people tire of them. Leo’s ruler is the Sun, which all the planets revere, and Leos do love to be the centre of attention. However, their Fixed nature can make them resistant to change, and somewhat controlling.

Although self-expressive, like the first Fire sign, Aries, Leo needs to be careful of the Fixity of their sign, which can cause a block to their creative urges, and indeed, for their willingness to entertain different areas of thought. Predominantly, Leo is open-hearted, genuine in their friendships, and generous and loyal towards their loved ones. They want to be liked and recognised, and enjoy being the centre of attention and being applauded. Physically, they have a sunny look, with blond, gold or coppery hair, and walk with a straight, sometimes stiff, posture. Their features are usually arranged pleasingly, and they have a ready smile. Leos attract other people with their enthusiasm and natural leadership qualities, and are often inspiring to pupils, or anyone they instruct (which they love doing, by the way). However, they find it easy to order people around, having a natural organising ability, but they should be careful not to be too domineering, and to allow others a say in how things should be done. Leo loves performing, and will often be a little show-off as a child, wanting praise and recognition. The Leo person wants to be liked above all, having an affectionate nature, and feeling hurt when snubbed by people who find them a bit much, which will make them feel dejected, but only for a short while! They are often better at the big picture than fine detail, and may be rather reckless and slapdash in their presentation, but many people are happy to carry out their big plans, and add finesse to them. Leos are very brave when protecting their loved ones, and are sincere and heartfelt when expressing their feelings.

If you are Leo, then the above is just one aspect of your astrological make-up, as there are many other signs which will influence you, depending upon their position at the time of your birth. The most important influence comes from your Moon sign.