The Zodiac sign of Libra the Scales 23 September – 22 October

You are Libra if born between 23rd September and 22nd October. If you were born on the first or last date of this sign, then you may feel an affinity with the characteristics of the previous sign (Virgo) or the following sign (Scorpio). This may be to do with your Moon sign, or your actual Sun sign if the affinity is with the previous sign. (See Precession of the Equinoxes).

Libra is a Positive and Cardinal Air sign. This is the second Air sign, and, as a Positive, Cardinal sign, Librans are forthright, but also circumspect with their speech and actions. The Air of Libra is the cooling breeze swirling around, stirring up eddies of old leaves in the Autumn, or rustling through the new leaves of trees in the Spring.

Libra is a communicator of ideas, a gatherer of people together, a diplomat who keeps groups of people content and happy. They are often devoted to the wellbeing of their partner and family, and will want to keep the peace so as to keep the union strong. As with Taurus, also ruled by Venus, they have a desire for happiness, contentment, and the good things in life. They can be materialistic inasmuch as they want the outer trappings of their life to reflect their success in life. They will actively dislike being in uncongenial surroundings, and will be upset by situations they find difficult to understand.  Libra can be idealistic, and will sometimes put the loved one on a pedestal, being disappointed if they do not fit in with their ideals. They always want to make the best of themselves and present a good image, and they would like their partner and their children to do the same.  Librans dislike confrontation and harsh words – disharmony, in other words. They should also be careful not to be too vapid, often avoiding making a judgement because they cannot weigh matters up quickly enough. They are able to see both sides of any problem or situation, which can be helpful in some situations, but a hindrance in others. Librans will try and please all of the people, all of the time, which can cause them stress. They are often very attractive in appearance and manner, and have a pleasantly modulated voice.

If you are Libra, then the above is just one aspect of your astrological make-up, as there are many other signs which will influence you, depending upon their position at the time of your birth. The most important influence comes from your Moon sign.