Predictions for all Chinese signs for the Year of the Wood Dragon, 10 February 2024 – 28 January 2025


The Dragon is a supportive sign for you, dear Rat, and as such, will help you achieve the goals you have set yourself for achieving prosperity this year.  You are advised to seize all opportunities which come your way during this auspicious Dragon year.  Earth and Wood Rats are particularly favoured with good luck this year, as they are in tune with the Wood Dragon vibe which resonates this fortunate year.  Although this is a lucky year for advancing your prospects both personally and financially, you should be careful not to exceed your budget this year, because, as you know, dear Rat, you are very tempted by what you see as bargains, but which may turn out to be money pits.  Water Rats may experience some unexpected complications in their love life this year, providing a strain on family security, and you may have to face unpleasant facts.  Indeed, all Rats in relationships will need to reconnect with their loved one, and take part in some important discussions regarding the future of their relationship.  Single Rats may rekindle a relationship from their past, or meet someone special in an unexpected encounter.  Rats are also advised to control their emotions this year and remain cool, especially if Fire or Metal Rat.  Overall, this year will be a successful one for you, dear Rat, and you will see a re-affirmation of joint ownership proposals in all areas of life, especially during the second half of the Chinese year.  This is a dynamic year for, dear Rat, and you should achieve much, whilst remembering to keep engaged with your loved one.


The Dragon encourages you to be bold this year, dear Ox, and to follow your dreams with confidence, knowing that your innate steadiness and integrity will be respected.  However, it will also be a demanding year for you, as Dragon years produce challenges and unpredictability, to which you find it difficult to adapt.  Family and friends will be very supportive of you this year, and will be behind you in whatever you undertake. Your family and your children will also bolster your sense of wellbeing this year, and there could well be important family celebrations and trips to be taken. You should focus on capitalizing your savings, and you will progress slowly but surely in your chosen field, but you are also advised to take care of your health this year, dear Ox, and keep stress levels low.  Oxen in relationships will experience some stress and tension this year, but do try and keep the lines of communication open, and all will be well.  You do find it difficult to verbalise your feelings, dear Ox, so it is important for your loved one to know that you value them.  Single Oxen will feel encouraged to use their intuition to find a compatible partner, and you will find that you are more in touch with your emotions this year, which will help display your charms to potential partners.  Overall, a year for confidence, recognition of your hard work ethic, and of success in your endeavours, dear Ox.


You can look forward to an energetic and rewarding year, dear Tiger, after a relatively calm year of the Water Rabbit in 2023.  There could be challenges for you in the workplace, but the courage provided by the Wood Dragon this year will ensure you feel inspired to take on all comers.  Dragon years are often seen as magical years, and this is very much so for Tigers, especially Wood or Water Tigers.  You will have people eating out of the palm of your hand, as they warm to you and want to believe in you.  There will be many celebrations in your family life, and there could well be additions to the family circle, in one way or another.  If you are in a relationship, your partner will find you extra attractive this year, as your happiness flows over everyone this year.  Your loved one will want to make you happy, and will devise special trips and occasions for you, to which you will respond with your usual enthusiasm.  Single Tigers may well form a stronger bond with someone they have known socially for some time, and this is generally a good year for fostering friendships and for sociability.  A Tiger is usually the chaser when seeking a new relationship, but this year you are so attractive to others, that you will find it is you who is being chased!  Overall, this is a dynamic year for you, dear Tiger, when you may well be surprised and overjoyed by many occurrences in your life, and will take courage from those who believe in you.


You will enjoy a reasonably successful Dragon year, dear Rabbit, provided you do not indulge in risky ventures, and work at your own calm and steady pace.  Do ensure that you accept help and advice from influential social contacts though, then your chance of success in your ventures will be greatly assisted.  It may seem that wealth and glory are within your reach in this exciting year of the Wood Dragon, but you are advised to stay real, be pragmatic, and do not be taken in by promises of riches.  Yours is not a sign to boast, so if success in your chosen field comes your way, you will accept plaudits with good grace and modesty.  Dragon years encourage flamboyance, which is not really your style, especially if an Earth Rabbit.  If you are in a relationship, you may need to weather storms, but your wisdom and foresight will see you through any emotional problems or turmoil.  Your understated Rabbit passion will be brought into play within your relationship this year, which could either help or hinder matters.  Single Rabbits find that many people are beguiled by their subtle charm, but you will wish to be sure of the motives of anyone wishing to win your heart this year, dear Rabbit.  Do be careful about who is on the receiving end of your emotional and generous nature, especially if a Water Rabbit, as some potential lovers may try to deceive you.  Overall, a year to celebrate festivity and fun with family, dear Rabbit, and slowly but surely building upon whatever successes you enjoyed last year, during your own Rabbit year.  Cultivate friendships this year, and be prepared to enjoy spontaneous occasions to celebrate, especially if a Metal Rabbit.


This year promises to be a memorable year for you, dear Dragon, in this, your own year!  Money seems to roll your way without you having to really do anything about it, and success in all you undertake is assured, but you are advised to take advice from those you trust, to avoid getting too much above yourself this year!  Accept and implement new ideas and look to growth in business ventures. There could be ructions within the family circle this year, however, and you will need to maintain a calm demeanour to help alleviate these.  Dragons in relationships should allow their loved one freedom of thought, and provide for some leeway between your separate lives to allow their relationship to flourish.  You advised to be careful of imposing your Dragon will upon your partner, especially if Metal or Fire Dragon.  Single Dragons will find that if they open their hearts, their loved one will appear before them.  However, remember that they are not just an image, but a real person who reveres you, yes, but needs attention from you too!  Friendships are well-aspected this year, but do remember to congratulate those you admire, and do not seek all the plaudits for yourself.  Overall, a lucky year for you, dear Dragon, but please do not neglect family and friends in the interests of your own self-advancement, and do maintain a balance in your life, for the sake of your health and wellbeing. 


This is a year of transformation and growth for you, dear Snake.  Self-care and stress management are important for you this year, as well as staying adaptable in the face of challenges.  You should be prepared to embrace change, but maintain a cautious and strategic approach in all you undertake this year, following your goals with determination, and you will find that they blossom and grow in the last few months of this auspicious Dragon year.  Earth Snakes fare particularly well during this Wood Dragon year.  However, although this is an exciting year for many, you will not allow yourself to be carried away by over-indulgence and celebration.  Rather, you will go about building on the successes you enjoy in the early part of the year in a calm and measured way.  Snakes in relationships will find that there is a need for increased harmony and understanding between you and your partner, and you may feel the need to protect them.  Single Snakes may feel that they are unlikely to find their soul-mate this year, but later in the year, you will be surprised by a chance encounter with someone who you may not think of as your type.  If you tread carefully, the relationship will grow.  Do hang on to your good friends this year, even if they seem over-demanding and dramatic on occasion, and do not reject family support if needed during this year too.  Overall, communication and negotiation are key for you this year, dear Snake, as well as keeping a cool head and maintaining a healthy balance within your life.


This is a year of enjoyable family life for you, dear Horse, and you will find that your hard work and efforts during the past year of the Water Rabbit are producing benefits for you, and you will prosper.  However, do avoid risky investments and err on the side of common sense and caution this year.  You are also advised to widen your social circle to provide a support system for you and your family, should hard times occur, especially if the Earth Horse.  The thing is, anything can happen during a Dragon year, so best to be prepared, although social occasions with reasons to celebrate are also forecast for you this year, dear Horse.  If you are in a relationship, you are advised to make a strong effort to sustain the bond with your loved one as they may feel neglected by you, which is not a desirable state of affairs in any relationship.  Work out what is important for both of you, and build on that to keep the relationship flourishing.  Single Horses will find that their improved socializing will lead them to find the life partner they have been seeking.  Take care to hold on to this precious person, and do the right thing by them.  Let them know how you really feel, especially if a Metal Horse.  In your working life, you may well encounter challenges and opposition to your ideas.  Do not be headstrong in trying to push your agenda, and try to adopt a patient approach, which you often find difficult, especially if a Fire or Metal Horse!  Overall, this is a year for prosperity, dear Horse, provided care is taken. Your family also will figure prominently this year, and you will try to help as only a Horse can, especially if a Wood Horse.  Do ensure that you maintain an equilibrium between work and leisure this year, and follow a healthy lifestyle.


This will be a busy year for you, dear Sheep, but you could well encounter a few obstacles in your path to achieving your goals this year.  A Dragon year is really one in which you should lie low and not expect too much in the way of success or progress, although a Wood Dragon year offers slightly more sympathetic assistance to your plans.  It is easy for you to get caught up in daydreaming, dear Sheep, and let fantasy rule your life.  This is a challenging year for you, and yes, you will dream of what you can attain, but please do not expect many results this year.  Sheep in relationships will have lovers eating out of their hands this year, however, and your life partner will find your discreet charms ultra-attractive.  You love to be indulged, and will take full advantage of pleasurable times with your partner.  If a single Sheep, you should be courageous if you feel bold declarations are required this year, otherwise you may regret not having spoken about your feelings to someone who will be very attracted to you this year.  Do be aware that you will face challenges in your working life, and you will need to adapt to your surroundings in the general dynamic vibe of the Dragon year.  Overall, dear Sheep, a year to adapt and survive, keep a realistic view on life, cherish dear friends, and be careful not to overspend.


This promises to be a rather eventful and exciting year for you, dear Monkey, with many happy occasions and reasons to celebrate.  It seems that luck will be yours this year of the Wood Dragon, especially if a Wood or Earth Monkey.  Dragons are very much on the same wavelength as Monkeys, so the general vibe of this year will suit you down to the ground.  However, this does not mean that you can be extravagant with expenditure, just because of the many opportunities which crop up for you this year, and we all know how easy it is for you to be free with the readies, dear Monkey!  However, you will feel more energetic this year, after the rather slow-moving year of the Water Rabbit, and will feel ready to enjoy what life has to bring to you this year, without harbouring resentments from the past.  You are advised to dispel old grievances, and look to the future with a clear eye and a desire to achieve success in your ventures, indeed, Monkeys will have the courage this year to strike out on their own in the field of business.  Monkeys in relationships will feel the need to commit fully to their life partner, and may well feel ready to take their relationship to the next level.  You will certainly feel strong emotions this year, and will wish to share enjoyable times with your life partner.  Single Monkeys may well meet their soul-mate in this magical year, through a chance encounter with someone to whom you immediately feel a strong connection.  Be careful not to offend friends unwittingly this year, dear Monkey, as you do get carried away occasionally with your gift of the gab.  This year, try to listen a little to what your friends are saying to you, rather than trying to make jokes about everything, although your friends do appreciate your sense of humour, of course.  Overall, be true to yourself this year, dear Monkey, seize opportunities, enjoy wonderful times on family occasions, and be open and honest with those you care about.


This is a year in which you complete the many projects you began last year of the Water Rabbit, dear Rooster, either home-related or work-related, and you will be lucky enough to meet those who will offer help in realizing your dreams.  It seems that you will meet the right people at the right time, and will feel confident in implementing your plans this year.  Roosters in relationships will have a very fulfilling year, in which you and your partner revive your feelings for each other, particularly if a Water or Earth Rooster.  Single Roosters are forever seeking the one who will make them feel whole, and this is the year in which you may well find that special person who will help you find the fulfilling love life you seek.  The message is to open your heart to the positive Dragon vibes circulating this year, and allow your loved one to find you.  There will opportunities for unprecedented growth within your career this year too, dear Rooster, and you are advised to be brave and step outside of your comfort zone.  However, do beware of overworking, as, although you are often ambitious and driven, especially if a Fire Rooster, you need to find balance and take care of your essential spirit by using relaxation techniques.  Overall, this is a successful year for you, dear Rooster, with a caveat to lose some of that Rooster arrogance, especially if a Metal Rooster, and try to understand others more.  By doing this, you will meet new people who will have a beneficial influence on your life. 


This will be a challenging year for you, dear Dog, as yours is the opposite sign to Dragon, and you may well need to adjust your usual ways of thinking to accommodate the changes which occur in a Dragon year.  Wood Dogs will fare better this year than other Dogs, as they are not quite so judgmental.  However, you will enjoy time spent with family this year, and will be absorbed in implementing and enabling a secure home life.  The main message for you this year, dear Dog, is to be prepared for whatever the Dragon throws your way, be it good news or bad.  Face up to challenges and try to find peaceful and diplomatic ways of solving them.  There are people out there who want to help you, so please do not reject them.  Accept their well-meant help!  You are advised to steer clear of major decision-making in the workplace, this year, although interesting job offers may arise early in the Chinese year.  Dogs in relationships should try not to be suspicious of their loved one, and learn to trust them.  Communication is key in personal relationships this year, and your partner should be able to trust you too.  Single Dogs may feel that the relationship they seek is unattainable, but you may well meet your heart’s desire this year, provided you do not put up too many barriers.  Do meditate and examine your inner being, and you will find that next year you will wish to engage in hobbies, often of a creative nature.  Overall, this is a year for self-examination, reviewing your life choices, dispelling your worries, and reaching greater understanding with others, dear Dog. 


The Dragon year is lucky year for you, dear Pig, so make the most of it!  Your finances will be stable, with no nasty surprises, and there will be happy family times, as well as many occasions for which your sound advice will be required within the family group.  In fact, you will attract friends and followers by the dozen this year, all keen to hear what you have to say, enjoy your company, and benefit from your sage advice.  You will bask in the warm glow of fondness that your friends and family have for you this year, dear Pig.  Those Pigs in relationships will find renewed peace and love with their life partner, despite others finding you so attractive they may wish to tempt you away.  You will need to reassure your loved one that you wish to stay true to only them, despite your attractiveness to others this year.  Single Pigs will not feel like socializing a lot this year, although people are drawn to them like magnets.  However, you are destined to meet someone special in this magical Dragon year, dear Pig, and this may well be someone in your known and trusted circle.  Although you will enjoy your friendship group this year, you will also have a desire to indulge in peaceful times, reflecting upon your life with quiet meditation.  This really is a special year for you, but do beware of your trusting nature, which may allow you to make unwise decisions about the company you keep, especially if you are the kind-hearted Water Pig. There is also warning not to over-indulge this year, especially if an Earth Pig.  Overall, stay true to yourself this year, dear Pig, and take advantage of the many opportunities which come your way to advance your career and other areas of your life.  Your finances should remain buoyant, and your hard work and selflessness will be recognized.