Ascendant Signs

You have an ascendant sign for both your Western Zodiac sign and your Chinese Zodiac sign. However, that’s where the similarity ends, because the way in which your Ascendant is calculated is different for each.

Your ascendant in Western Astrology

This is also known as your Rising sign, and is the sign which was on the Eastern horizon at the date and time of your birth. This is why it is important to know time, date, and place of birth to calculate your Ascendant in Western Astrology. If you do not know the exact time, then looking for the ascendant at midnight on the day you were born will be a good indicator, as the signs usually change only every two days. Your Ascendant sign represents the persona you present to the outside world, and the way others see you, so if you are a Scorpio with a Leo Ascendant, for example, then your more secretive Scorpio side will be masked to the outside world by your outgoing Leo Ascendant.

Your ascendant in Chinese Astrology

In Chinese Astrology, the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac rule different 2-hour segments of the day, meaning that someone born between those hours also has the characteristics of the animal. The Ascendant here is a background character in your persona, quietly influencing your main animal type. For example, a Horse born between the hours of 9am and 11am (hours of Snake) will be more secretive and introspective than the average Horse, and will possess a little more finesse too. However, a Tiger born between the hours of 3am and 5am (hours of the Tiger) will have all the Tiger qualities doubled up!
To achieve a balance, it is better for one sign to be Yang, and the other Yin, for example, Rabbit with Monkey ascendant, or Dog with Sheep ascendant. However, if your ascendant is in the opposite sign to your own, for example, Rooster with Rabbit Ascendant, or Rat with Horse ascendant, then inner conflicts could ensue.

Times of Chinese ascendants

Rat11pm – 1am
Ox1am – 3am
Tiger3am – 5am
Rabbit5am – 7am
Dragon7am – 9am
Snake9am – 11am
Horse11am – 1pm
Sheep 1pm – 3pm
Monkey3pm – 5pm
Rooster5pm – 7pm
Dog7pm – 9pm
Pig9pm – 11pm