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Astrolations! is my new book which looks at all your personal relationships using the wisdom derived from the two ancient practices of Western Astrology and Chinese Astrology. The book contains a unique blend of the Zodiac signs of each of the two systems of Astrology, giving you a deep character insight, not just for yourself, but for everyone in your life, providing an understanding of how you relate to them astrologically.

I am excited that Astrolations! will be published February 2024, and will be available to pre-order from JHP, Amazon, and other book sites in about three months. I will update this page with links to pre-order once these are available.

“ A compelling addition to any astrological library with an ingenious interweaving of Western and Chinese astrology, demonstrating how a blending of both can produce a broader understanding of yourself and your relationships. Jill Carr has triumphed in describing personality traits of each Sun sign with their Chinese counterpart – a blend of 144 combinations. A Leo born in Pig year differs from a Leo Rat, with the Eastern sub-division into Water, Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth refining the interpretation further. A truly comprehensive run down on individual characteristics and how they operate as life partners, family members, friends and workmates. You won’t need to look any further.”

Marjorie Orr, Astrologer and Writer

“What a fabulous idea and great book. Astrolations! by Jill Carr has combined the the best of East and West: the animal signs of Chinese Astrology and the insight of Western Sun Signs. It’s a must-read!”

Linda Joyce, Astrology, Writer and Lecturer

This book is intended for all those interested in mythology and the mysteries of life.

Jill has remained faithful to Western and Chinese astrological traditions to present us with a book focused on the connection between them.

She combines the thoroughness of clear and detailed explanations and the colourful, suggestive style that characterizes the knowledge of Astrology. She organises and explores the core principles of two systems and offers a new perspective on a better understanding of the self and interpersonal relationships.

Thank you, Jill, for allowing us to move forward with much pleasure on the path of wisdom.

Isabelle Ferreira de Sousa, Astrology, Morphologist, Graphologist and Writer

Now available to pre-order!

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Advance reviews are in!

Here is just one of the 5-star reviews ‘Astrolations’ has received. “I loved the book! It is a good read for for beginners of people who do not have any knowledge of astrology. The information is written in an easy to understand way … This book could be useful for those who create astrological content on social media, or those who want to understand Chinese astrology a little more. Highly recommended.” Kirly JD

Another 5* review!

“A am not very familiar with astrology , Western or Chinese. I thought this was a good introductory book and helped me better understand aspects such as your true Sun sign … There is definitely a lot of valuable information in this book.” Beth Throlson

A 4* review

“A very comprehensive and easy-to-read guide to astrology for beginners to advanced alike … The author provides detailed descriptions on personality traits of different astrological combinations to give insight into personality … A fun read!” Ming-Ming Ly