The elements in astrology
The elements in astrology

The astrological elements are very important for giving you more of an in-depth insight into your astrological character. The four main elements in the Western Zodiac are Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.Each element governs three signs: Fire governs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Earth governs Taurus,Virgo, and Capricorn. Air governs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Water governs

Predictions for all Chinese signs during the year of the Water Rabbit
Predictions for all Chinese signs during the year of the Water Rabbit

Year of the Water Rabbit, 22nd January 2023 to 9th February 2024 Okay, so the site is only just up and running, so Chinese Year of the Water Rabbit has already started, but here are the influences of this Chinese year on your own Chinese sign. Born in a Rat year There will be no

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Hello astrology lovers, and welcome to, where you can read all about my new book Astrolations! and find a forecast for your year ahead based on your Western Zodiac sign, and your Chinese animal sign.

I am Jill Carr, author of Astrolations! which is an exciting new book about all your relationships, using my extensive knowledge of astrology.   I have been researching and writing this book for a number of years, using my experience of the ancient practices of both Chinese and Western astrology.  I have been seriously studying and practicing Western astrology for around 35 years, and have studied Chinese astrology for 30 years. 

All about Chinese signs

During early January of each year, you can find out how your very own Chinese sign is affected by the animal sign which rules the upcoming Chinese year. The Chinese New Year can begin anytime between 20th January and 20th February, changing every year. This is why it’s extra important to be careful when finding out your Chinese birth sign if born between those dates. The dates of each Chinese sign, together with their related elements, are listed in my book, Astrolations!

All about Western zodiac signs

In December of each year, you can find out what the year ahead has in store for your very own Zodiac sign and Sun sign. You can also find a description of the attributes of those born under each Zodiac sign, and an explanation of how to find your Moon sign and other planetary signs which influence your astrological make-up. I have also added full descriptions of how your Moon sign is manifested within your own sign. Your true Sun sign may be different from your Zodiac sign, due to The Precession of the Equinoxes.

The elements in astrology

The elements making up your combined astrological sign are very important influences on your character, so it is very important to understand these to get a rounded picture of who you are, and to find out more about the people close to you.  Find out more about the elements in astrology.

“What a fabulous idea and great book. Astrolations! by Jill Carr has combined the the best of East and West: the animal signs of Chinese Astrology and the insight of Western Sun Signs. It’s a must-read!” – Linda Joyce, astrologer, writer, lecturer.